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Real Estate Market Boom: Upgrade Home with Chic Blinds

According to, Washington D.C. real estate market statistics improved as house sales increased from March to April 2014. Meanwhile, the Washington Business Journal reported that active listings of homes valued $1 million and up also rose by 33.5% from … Continue reading

Beltway Blinds Reaches Out Beyond Online To Customers

E-shopping entails convenience and a number of online shops offers excellent deals that are hard to resist. Think of a 70% off promo that will last for 5 hours only on your favorite brand. With a handy credit card that … Continue reading

The Power of Word of Mouth: Why Listen to Former Clients

When you want to confirm a company’s credibility and know if something works or not, you find ways to be sure. You either check their company’s website or browse through their brochures. But the most reliable way to find out … Continue reading

Prepare for the Summer Heat; Install Blinds

It’s finally summer and with this season comes the intolerable heat. Though Washington DC summer usually starts with a few thunderstorms, the heat will certainly get to most of us once the season really settles in. Most homeowners would need … Continue reading

A Window for Summer: Installing Plantation Shutters

Washington DC can be very hot and humid during summers, and every year, electric bills go sky high as a result (does this problem sound familiar to you?). Time and again, experts have advised homeowners to deal with this problem … Continue reading

Whenever, However…There’s A Way to Add Value to Your Home

When Washington homeowners decide to sell their houses, they usually try to remodel or upgrade the appearance to get hold of a good value in the local real estate market. However, they should learn a thing or two about how … Continue reading

Conserve Energy with the Help of Faux Wood Blinds

A few cost-effective home solutions—such as the installation and proper use of faux wood blinds—can help a household cut down its energy consumption by a significant degree. This was backed by a report released by the Center for Building Performance … Continue reading

Conserve More Energy Using the Right Window Treatments

Your windows are designed to let natural light and fresh air into your home, but the downside of this is that they can serve as “weak points” in the shell of your home, points where energy (in the form of … Continue reading

Make Your Home Comfortable and Attractive with Blinds in DC

Decorating a home usually involves choosing the best coverings for windows, whether you choose blinds, shades, or curtains. In general, window treatments provide protection from the sun and can also make any room look more beautiful and chic. You can … Continue reading

Care for Your Home and Call the Expert for Window Treatments in Baltimore

Allowing natural light into your home may be pleasant, but you should understand the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on your home if you allow too much to enter.According to an article on,even the toughest hardwood furniture can fade … Continue reading