Decorating for a Safer Home with Washington DC Window Treatments

It turns out that Washington DC window treatments are more useful than people think. Window blinds, shades, and shutters aren’t just for decoration anymore; they now help prevent home invasions and robberies, too. In hindsight, this piece of information would have been useful to residents of a Loudoun County, Virginia home, who, on April 16, were held against their will and robbed. The good news, as WTOP reported, is that the four suspects connected with the crime have been arrested.

The victims, a family of five including two children, managed to get out of the incident unharmed. According to the report, a man knocked on the door of the family’s home, claimed he had a delivery, and barged into the home along with three other suspects. Threatening the residents with a weapon, the suspects proceeded to take items from the house and then left, allowing a family member to notify the police.

It’s a scenario that no homeowner would ever want to happen. However, many people unknowingly invite robbers into their homes through the most unexpected ways, such as showboating their valuables. You may not realize it, but if you leave your new gadgets’ emptied packaging out in the garbage or leave your windows open or uncovered, you are setting the stage for potential burglars to target your home. In the case of the Virginia robbery, the suspects, at the very least, may have had an idea that the family was keeping some valuables in their house; they wouldn’t have risked entry if they knew they’d come out empty-handed.

The first step, then, to preventing home robberies is avoid painting a target on your back. As much as possible, do not let outsiders see your belongings through your uncovered windows or give them an idea about what you own through the things you leave out in the garbage. While crime in Washington DC is usually concentrated in poorer neighborhoods, home invasions can happen anytime and anywhere, especially if you dangle bait in front of would-be robbers.

The best window treatments in Washington DC offer beauty, better energy efficiency, and most importantly, safety. If you can’t decide which drapes or shades to use, consult window treatment specialists such as Beltway Blinds, who can explain the strengths and weaknesses of each option and help you choose one that would fit your needs.

While drapes can’t exactly stop a criminal once he has decided to rob your home, they can minimize the risks by keeping your interiors hidden from prying eyes. Moreover, having the right window treatments can go a long way in lowering your utility bills and beautifying your home.

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