Cool Your Home the “Green” Way with Energy-Saving Blinds and Shades

WindowShading2With summer’s heat upon us we are all seeking ways to stay comfortable and reduce the cost of cooling our homes. Radiant heat from the sun is the number one cause of higher indoor temperatures, and will require you to run your air conditioner at higher speeds for longer periods of time – an expensive proposition!

One of the most effective ways to keep the interior temperature of your home at a comfortable level is by controlling the amount of sunlight that enters. Window coverings, such as shades or blinds, are a simple and effective way to control the amount of light coming into your home. The right combination of shades and blinds can create an insulating or cooling effect that keeps you more comfortable and helps reduce the strain on your air conditioning system.

Among the most effective shade styles for keeping a home cool are honeycomb shades. Honeycomb shades are made up of six-sided “cells” that help to trap heat generated by sunlight.

Insulated shades are also a good choice. Although more commonly used to keep cold air from seeping into a room, the insulating properties of these shades also serves to keep cool air from your air conditioner from escaping out into the atmosphere during the summer months.

Blinds can also help to limit the amount of warming sunlight entering your home. When fully closed your blinds will reflect much of the sunlight streaming through your windows.

Whether you choose shades or decide to go with blinds – or a combination of the two – it is essential that they are properly sized and fit for your windows. Off-the-shelf shades and blinds can allow sunlight to enter around edges where there can be wide gaps, which defeats the purpose of installing the window coverings for cooling.

For help in choosing the best window covering solution to keep your home cooler this summer, contact Beltway Blinds at (301) 982-5463 to schedule a FREE in-home design consultation on window treatments in Baltimore or Washington DC.

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