Part 1: Give Your Home A Treat – Hard Window Treatments

You’ve probably been seeing a lot of them in interior design magazines and websites, as well as other sites such as Pinterest. If you are looking to instantly and easily transform your home’s look while enhancing privacy and energy-efficiency, among other aspects, window treatments are the perfect solution. Today there are window treatments for every room in your home. You can make a room look formal, contemporary or traditional, and you can add privacy or open up a room.

Types of Hard Window Treatments Available for Homes and Their Pros and Cons

Hard window treatments come in three types: blinds, shades, and plantation shutters. They are typically available as stock items offered by different providers and home-improvement stores. Some of the more experienced and reliable providers or installers offer custom-made treatments that meet a homeowner’s unique specifications.


Advantages Disadvantages
Aesthetically attractive

Easy to use

Offer comfort and privacy

May not match some home themes

Difficult to clean

The mechanism is difficult to fix once broken


Advantages Disadvantages
Can effectively keep cold air out and warm air in during winter and vice versa during summer


Easy to use and install


They can allow ice or snow to build up on windows during cold days if air cannot circulate adequately

Cordless shades will need to be reached by hand to be raised and lowered. This can be disadvantageous in hard-to-reach or high windows

Plantation Shutters

Advantages Disadvantages
Aesthetically attractive

Allow for effective light management

Effective for insulation and airflow control


Extensive and regular maintenance may be needed depending on the shutter material


If there are hard window treatments, what are soft window treatments?

Soft window treatments are any window covering made from sewn fabric. They are generally used for decoration and can be designed in a multitude of ways. They can be used alone of installed over hard treatments.

At this point, you may already have a basic idea of how hard window treatments can benefit you. Stay tuned for Part II where we will give you some ideas on how you can beautify your interiors with window treatments.


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