Custom Blinds for Homes & Businesses in Leesburg, VA

Blinds Leesburg VAWhen it’s time to outfit the windows of your home or workplace in the Leesburg, Virginia, area, the best company to turn to is Beltway Blinds. We offer a tremendous selection of high-quality blinds and shades, all sourced from leading manufacturers and customized to suit your desires for privacy, light control, energy efficiency, and appearance. What’s more, we can help you get the exact features you want in blinds or shades without spending a lot of time shopping around. When you schedule a consultation with one of our window treatment experts at your home or place of business, we’ll listen to your needs and aesthetic preferences and steer you toward the blinds or shades that will work best for you.

In the meantime, we’ll list below a few of the custom window treatments we offer and install in the Leesburg area.


Thanks to their versatility and traditional appeal, blinds are among the most popular window fashions in the nation. When you partner with our company, you’ll be able to choose from:

  • Exquisitely crafted genuine wood blinds
  • Easy-to-clean faux wood blinds
  • Fabric or PVC vinyl vertical blinds
  • Affordable aluminum blinds


If you haven’t taken a look at window shades lately, you might be amazed at the innovations available, including:

  • Sheers that can provide a high degree of privacy while maintaining a translucent appearance
  • “Trilight” shades that can provide precision light control by adjusting to the angle of the sun
  • Roller shades that can be fine-tuned to deliver the exact light-filtering or room-darkening effects that you want for your home or office conference room

When you partner with Beltway Blinds, we can also customize the operational features of your window treatments. For example, most of our blinds and shades can be motorized for your convenience.

Ready to get started? Contact Beltway Blinds today to tell us about your project and schedule a consultation at your home or business in the Leesburg area.