Why Hire a Professional for Your Window Treatments?

When it comes to improving your house, it can be exciting to try different styles and incorporate current trends. For instance, you could easily give your home a new feel by changing your living room’s neutral-colored pillow cases with ones that feature a brighter color, or paint a wall in a brighter shade. However, for some homeowners in Washington D.C., window treatments like blinds that can boost aesthetic appeal while protecting the home against the elements are the best way to go. If you’re looking to do the same with your home, always remember it’s best to call a professional. Continue reading

Infographics: The Energy-Conscious Homeowner’s Guide to Window Shopping

Buying replacements for your old window? Look only for the most efficient and energy-saving window by seeing this shopping guide first. Continue reading

The Art of Working with Interior Designers & Custom Builders

Redecorating a home is a challenging task that needs careful planning, organization and decision-making. Every property owner wants to give his or her home the best makeover possible. The best way to start your project is through getting the service of an interior designer or a contractor that works with designers and custom home builders – much like us here at Beltway Blinds. Continue reading

Benefits of Custom Draperies: New Offer from Beltway Blinds

Beltway Blinds is now offering a wide range of custom draperies in addition to the rest of its standard products – from an assortment of attractive blinds and eye-catching shades to gorgeous plantation shutters. Nothing beats custom-made products; they exude individuality and exquisiteness. If you are planning to dress up your windows, custom drapery is a good choice. Continue reading

Window Treatments: The Affordable Way to Get anEnergy-Efficient Home

As a homeowner, there are many steps you can take to make your home more comfortableand reduce energy bills. Investing in big-ticket improvements – such as replacing windows and doors, installing new siding and adding attic insulation – will obviously make a big impact, but these are usually not an option when you are on a small budget. As an alternative, have you ever consideredadding a window accessory? How about calling an expert on window treatments and blinds in DC to see what will work best for your home? Continue reading

Use Window Treatments to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency & Value

Installing new blinds or shades from Beltway Blinds’ large selection of custom window treatments is a smart way tomake your home more energy-efficient while also positively impactingits value.The bottom line is an energy-efficient home attracts buyers, as proven by a recent study conducted by the Appraisal Journal which found that $1 in savings on utility bills can translate to a $20 increase in home value.With this information in mind, homeowners in Washington,DC, canrely on the experts at Beltway Blinds to find effective ways to make their houses more energy-efficient. Continue reading

Part 3: Give Your Home A Treat – How to Get the Most Out of Your Investment

Indeed, window treatments can easily enhance, if not totally transform, your home’s look and appeal. However, if you are new to shopping and installing them, you might be overwhelmed by the extensive options and all the factors that must be considered, including measurements, designs, and features. With so many choices, it’s important to find a trusted provider who can show you all the options and work with your taste and preferences. Continue reading

5 Reasons to Hire a Window Treatment Pro

When it comes to window treatments in Washington, DC,and nearby areas, the best results are achieved with the help of a professional. Here are a fewways hiring a dedicated window treatment company will pay off. Continue reading

4Design Tips to Make a Good Room Great

Interior designers are known for their imagination and ability to create eye-catching living spaces, but you don’t have to be a design professional to achieve professional-looking results.Here are a few tips on decorating your interior from the experts atBeltway Blinds, your trusted partner in window treatments in Baltimore. Continue reading

Durable Materials Used in Durable Window Treatments

Window treatments in Washington D.C. are your window’s sidekick to protecting your home from the elements. Without them, heat may accumulate inside your home during summer, making you and your family uncomfortable. In winter, warm air may escape through gaps, which can force your HVAC to work more than it should to maintain a comfortable temperature. Continue reading