Part 2: Give Your Home A Treat – Getting Creative

Whatever style or theme your home has, windows are among the first things that people notice, and the treatments you apply can make or break the vibe that you want to achieve. Window treatments can be your best friend if you want to make the most out of your windows’ potential. While these treatments are basically just swaths of material, they can effectively turn your basic space to a livelier one with the following ideas! Continue reading

The Fault in Your Home: Why Your Energy Bill is Up the Stars

“There is no shortage of fault to be found amid our stars.”

This famous line is from the popular John Green novel “The Fault in Our Stars,” which was recently turned into a movie starring Shailene Woodley and actor Ansel Elgort. And whether it’s in romance or living at home, we indeed are bound to run into problems. Nothing in life is faultless! Continue reading

Part 1: Give Your Home A Treat – Hard Window Treatments

You’ve probably been seeing a lot of them in interior design magazines and websites, as well as other sites such as Pinterest. If you are looking to instantly and easily transform your home’s look while enhancing privacy and energy-efficiency, among other aspects, window treatments are the perfect solution. Today there are window treatments for every room in your home. You can make a room look formal, contemporary or traditional, and you can add privacy or open up a room. Continue reading

Pantone’s Exciting Fall Color Palettes for Home Style

Fall has arrived! We can now feel the misty breeze and smell the musky scent of the season. Pantone Color Institute ™, the authority in color consulting, reveals the exciting combinations we can use to jazz up our home interior. With a mix of rich blues and deep reds, they are far from the boring brown and predictable orange that typically represent this melancholic season. Continue reading

Four ‘Must Dos’ to Sell Your House as Good as Brand New

The fastest way to sell your house is by lowering the price but doing so may not give a competitive return after spending big for home improvement. Otherwise, you can choose to highlight what makes your house the best buy. Continue reading

4 Sources of Home Fashion Ideas on Social Media Today

We often check our Facebook and other social media accounts to be updated on the activities of our family members and friends. Likewise, we often post a status update with pictures to let them know what we are up to. Aside from individual accounts, social media is also being utilized by various interest groups and businesses to let the world know what they’re offering. Continue reading

Real Estate Market Boom: Upgrade Home with Chic Blinds

According to, Washington D.C. real estate market statistics improved as house sales increased from March to April 2014. Meanwhile, the Washington Business Journal reported that active listings of homes valued $1 million and up also rose by 33.5% from a year ago, giving buyers more options. Indeed, the real estate market is booming. Continue reading

Beltway Blinds Reaches Out Beyond Online To Customers

E-shopping entails convenience and a number of online shops offers excellent deals that are hard to resist. Think of a 70% off promo that will last for 5 hours only on your favorite brand. With a handy credit card that offers installment terms, how can you say no? On the downside, the Internet provides opportunity to scammers, thieves, and hackers. Continue reading

The Power of Word of Mouth: Why Listen to Former Clients

When you want to confirm a company’s credibility and know if something works or not, you find ways to be sure. You either check their company’s website or browse through their brochures. But the most reliable way to find out is through reviews. They are usually shared by consumers on a review site or through a video-sharing website such as YouTube. More often than not, it is by watching or reading critiques that we’ll learn about the first-hand experiences of consumers on a product or service. They may provide the most honest information that we could encounter. Continue reading

Helpful Tips for Improving Property Values in Washington DC

If you’re looking to buy and sell homes for a profit, you better know what you’re doing. According, DC home prices have gone up to 10.9% over the past year, and predictions are pointing at a 4% increase come next year. Currently, the median price is at $473 per square foot. Continue reading