Why Hire a Professional in Installing Window Treatments?

Thinking of doing some home redecorating in DC? Whether the interiors already bore you or you just want the style to be up to date, giving your interiors a makeover can be a very fun and rewarding activity. Once you pick out the design that suits your personal taste, it’s time to make that idea a reality. An important element you can’t do without is lighting according to this article on freshome.com: Continue reading

Installing New Blinds? You may Need Professional Help

Imagine that you’ve finally found some time from your busy schedule in DC to do some redecorating for your interiors. After a few weeks of planning, you’ve found the perfect new design for your living space; you got to pick out the different colors and textures for the wall, you bought brand new knickknacks and furniture to go with it. Continue reading

Thinking Of Redecorating? Try Using Window Treatments

Are your interiors in Baltimore starting to bore you? Have you been feeling unstylish and uninspired at home because of the bland decor of your interior? Well, as the saying goes “familiarity breeds contempt.” And if you haven’t updated your home in ages, it’s time for a home makeover. Continue reading

Prepare for the Summer Heat; Install Blinds

It’s finally summer and with this season comes the intolerable heat. Though Washington DC summer usually starts with a few thunderstorms, the heat will certainly get to most of us once the season really settles in. Most homeowners would need to find ways to keep their homes comfortably cool during these sweltering months without getting a frightening bill at the end of the month. Continue reading

A Window for Summer: Installing Plantation Shutters

Washington DC can be very hot and humid during summers, and every year, electric bills go sky high as a result (does this problem sound familiar to you?).

Time and again, experts have advised homeowners to deal with this problem by improving the energy efficiency of their homes. You don’t actually have to install a new roof or windows as there are a lot of inexpensive alternatives to reduce the amount of heat that enters your home. How about investing in some window treatments in Washington D.C.? They’re practical options because apart from providing added insulation, they can also add appeal to your home. Continue reading

Window Treatments in DC: Control the Sunrays

Washington DC is located in the humid subtropical climate zone, which is in the Mid-Atlantic area. No wonder why summers in the DC area can really be hot and sticky. Despite the threats of scorching heat, the season can also bring thunderstorms and yes, even hurricanes and occasional tornadoes. Continue reading

Your historical house with a modern feel and function

Baltimore is known for its rich history and culture. The Charm City’s historical pride is reflected in its old buildings and houses that are well taken care of by city officials and even by the residents. More Baltimoreans even wish to own an old house for its historic value. Continue reading

Blinds for all seasons – cut your power costs today.

Regarding the effect of window treatments on energy use, the Department of Energy wrote that,

You can choose window treatments or coverings not only for decoration but also for saving energy. Some carefully selected window treatments can reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Continue reading

Adios Winter, Hola Spring!

Now that spring is here and summer is coming soon, it’s time to reinvent your windows to get you ready for warmer weather. Adieu to your heavy drapes that keep the cold out. It’s time to let Mr. Sun in and witness the springtime views of Washington DC. Continue reading

Choosing the right window treatment for your home isn’t hard

As the weather in Washington DC varies (which can go from warm to cool in an instant, no matter what season the area is in), it is always a tough decision on what to use that will complement the style and function of a room, as well as the owner’s mood. Each of these types adds a particular benefit to your home: Continue reading