Durable Materials Used in Durable Window Treatments

Window treatments in Washington D.C. are your window’s sidekick to protecting your home from the elements. Without them, heat may accumulate inside your home during summer, making you and your family uncomfortable. In winter, warm air may escape through gaps, which can force your HVAC to work more than it should to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Window treatments such as blinds, shutters, and shades are made from different materials. You’ll find products made of aluminum, bamboo, composite wood, fabrics, and vinyl. Some manufacturers even combine a variety of natural materials to a produce durable kind.

To ensure you’re getting durable window treatments, think about choosing products made from these materials:


Aluminum is a common material for blinds. It’s popular for its durability and functionality. They won’t bend when you clean them and will remain in perfect shape over time. These are effective in blocking out the sun’s rays, making them perfect for the bedroom. You can sleep in and not worry about waking up from the harsh rays of the sun that may pass through the slats.

When replacing your window treatment in Washington D.C. with aluminum blinds, remember that the thicker the slats, the more effective it is in blocking out sunlight.

Faux Wood

Faux wood is made of composite materials. Many homeowners prefer this kind of blinds, as they get the look of wood without the hefty price tag. Our specialists at Beltway Blinds recommend using this for moist or wet areas, particularly in the bathroom, as they can resist water better than conventional wooden blinds. This material can also offer greater flexibility than other types of window treatments.


Manufacturers often use vinyl for plantation shutters. This material can resist harmful UV rays and won’t peel, warp, discolor, or fade. Make good first impressions by installing plantation shutters in the living room and other common areas.

You don’t need to spend a fortune for window treatments. For a reasonable price, you’ll find products that will last a long time. We at Beltway Blinds also offer custom-fit shutters, shades, and blinds, to make sure your window treatments fit perfectly. Consult our specialists to learn more about your options.

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