Beautiful & Energy-Efficient Honeycomb Window Shades for Your Home in the Alexandria, VA, Area

 width=Are you on the hunt for window shades that will transform the natural light from outdoors into an interior design feature that adds intrigue to your home’s décor? If so, you’ll want to consider outfitting your windows with beautiful honeycomb shades from Beltway Blinds. We’re the go-to source for custom window treatments in the Alexandria, Virginia, area, and our selection of honeycomb shades is second to none.

Also known as cellular shades, this type of window treatment offers homeowners a wide variety of fabrics to choose from based on aesthetic preferences and desires for privacy. We also offer options that can help you harness the power of natural light for practical and aesthetic purposes. For example, when you choose honeycomb shades that can be opened from the top down or the bottom up, you can direct sunlight where you want it inside your home at various times of the day. When the lower half of your window is shaded, you can enjoy privacy while letting light enter your home near the ceiling. If you want to spotlight knickknacks on your windowsill or enjoy light for reading as you lounge on your window seat, you can push your shades up from the bottom to allow in just the amount of light you want.

Solar Heat Control

The cellular design of honeycomb shades makes them an energy-efficient addition to your home. The long, open channels of the cells that make up these shades trap air at the window, thus helping to block solar heat from infiltrating your living area in the summer and reducing the amount of heat that escapes your home in the winter.

Expert Installation

When you turn to Beltway Blinds for honeycomb shades, you’ll not only receive a custom window treatment that’s crafted from top-quality materials but also an expert installation by our highly trained employees. To learn more about the many types of window treatments we can provide for your home in the Alexandria area, contact Beltway Blinds today.

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