Pantone’s Exciting Fall Color Palettes for Home Style

Fall has arrived! We can now feel the misty breeze and smell the musky scent of the season. Pantone Color Institute ™, the authority in color consulting, reveals the exciting combinations we can use to jazz up our home interior. With a mix of rich blues and deep reds, they are far from the boring brown and predictable orange that typically represent this melancholic season.

“This is a season of untypical colors – more reflective of the imagination and ingenuity which makes for an artful collection of colors and combinations not bound by the usual hues for fall,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®

You can use each combination for different areas of your house – from your cozy living room to your relaxing bedroom. They are sure to enliven any area in your house. Here are three eye-catching combinations:

Aluminum and Cypress: Aluminum is a futuristic shade and its contrast to cypress, a stunning green hue, gives a regal impression. This combination suits your common bathroom area. You can have aluminum-colored shower curtains and hand towels in refreshing cypress.

Aurora Red and Sangria: The bold mix of classic aurora red and striking sangria is perfect for your reading nook. An attractive Sangria-colored reading chair is inviting to get lost in words as you browse through your books. Place real-looking aurora red flowers on your reading table to enthuse you to lounge longer.

Misted Yellow and Cognac: The combination of misted yellow and cognac will remind you of the zesty taste and texture of food varieties. Washington D.C. window treatment with these colors for your kitchen will surely entice you to try new recipes.

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(Article Excerpt from Fall 2014: Color that Transcends Time and Place, Pantone® Fashion Color Report Fall 2014,, n.d.)

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