What to Consider Before Investing in Plantation Shutters for Your Gaithersburg Home

Plantation Shutters Gaithersburg MDPlantation shutters can be a great investment for your Gaithersburg, Maryland, home, as they are gorgeous window treatments that add sophistication and functionality to any space they are installed in. However, before investing in these shutters, it’s wise to take a minute to learn more about them to decide if they would be a worthy investment for your home.

Here are some things to keep in mind when researching plantation shutters:

  • Consider the upkeep – You don’t want to have to worry about additional upkeep like painting. Make sure your plantation shutters are weather and humidity resistant and can maintain their look without a ton of work on your part.
  • Think about the rays – Most plantation shutters are effective at blocking a majority of harmful UV rays from entering your home, which not only protects your family but also your furniture and carpeting from fading. Look for shutters that offer exceptional UV protection.
  • Choose custom – To ensure a flawless fit, the shutters need to be custom-sized to fit your windows’ precise dimensions. Opt for a company that offers custom-sized shutters, not one size fits all.

Additionally, you should take into consideration that composite shutters might be a better option for your kitchen and bathroom, as they will stand up to moisture more easily than traditional wood plantation shutters.

The Company to Count on for Top-Quality Wood & Composite Shutters – Beltway Blinds

For stunning plantation shutters that meet the expectations listed above, turn to the trusted professionals at Beltway Blinds. We offer top-quality shutters that are finished with a high-end treatment that keeps them looking like new for up to 100 years. Additionally, our shutters will block 99 percent of UV rays, making them highly effective window treatments.

In addition to providing you with top-of-the-line window accessories, we can also handle the installation for you. Our team of highly accomplished craftsmen will expertly deliver and install your new plantation shutters to ensure a perfect fit. And, we are so confident in the work they complete that we back it with an impressive lifetime warranty.

To learn more about the plantation shutters we sell and install throughout Gaithersburg, contact Beltway Blinds today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and speak with you about the fantastic financing opportunities we offer to qualified homeowners.

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