Real Estate Market Boom: Upgrade Home with Chic Blinds

According to, Washington D.C. real estate market statistics improved as house sales increased from March to April 2014. Meanwhile, the Washington Business Journal reported that active listings of homes valued $1 million and up also rose by 33.5% from a year ago, giving buyers more options. Indeed, the real estate market is booming.

Here’s a detailed research on the present condition of the housing market in the district, according to

Housing market reports were mixed but generally positive in recent months. D.C. issued 55 new residential permits in June, up from 44 in May but down from the 142 permits issued in June 2013. Housing starts in June totaled 480, just slightly fewer than the 490 starts in both the previous month and the preceding year. According to CoreLogic Information Solutions, home values in D.C. appreciated 0.8 percent in June and 5.3 percent on a year-over-year basis. Meanwhile, home values in the greater Washington, D.C. metro area appreciated 1.1 percent in the month and 4.6 percent since June 2013. Permitting activity in the metro area increased 38.0 percent in June and 7.0 percent since June 2013

With the booming housing market, it’s an investment to keep your home at par with the upscale properties in the listing whether you’re looking into selling your house or not. It wouldn’t cost you that much to jazz up your home with small upgrades such as blinds in DC. More than the reviving ambiance that it could bring, it can also add to your home value.

Upgrading your blinds in Washington D.C. can add to the ambient appeal of your home. By choosing the right quality material, color, and shade that will complement your walls and interiors, you’ll create a home atmosphere that is indeed inviting.

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(Article Excerpt From District of Columbia August Summary,, n.d.)

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