Window Treatment Advancement: Motorization

Window innovations are made to improve your home experience. Since the introduction of upgraded window treatments in Washington D.C. and other places, control has been made more accessible and convenient to many homeowners.

Through advancements, Beltway Blinds introduces the motorization of Washington D.C. window treatments. This technology enables homeowners to maneuver windows and manage light passage.

We offer window shades from Kathy Ireland by Alta, which enable you to move blinds with just a push of a button within 65 feet. In just one touch, you can maneuver a single window shade or all the blinds in a room. You won’t ever need to stand up and do it manually. Further, you won’t ever install or use cords again because our motorized window shutters come with a battery-operated remote control.

We also offer PerfectTilt® RF motorized shutter systems, which enable you to maneuver the angle of your shutters with just a simple click of the remote. It allows your blinds to open or close automatically.

Benefits of Motorized Window Treatments

  • It can offer you absolute convenience. It enables you to safely move window treatments that are installed in hard-to-reach areas of your house.
  • This technology can maximize your privacy and security without compromising your view since you don’t need to open or close each and every window shutter individually.
  • Window treatment motorization can reduce the wear and tear that most shutters experience. It helps to exert minimal force to open or close shutters.
  • Aside from functionality, motorized shutters can offer increased aesthetic value. Thanks to the wide selection of colors, blind types, louvers, and slats, you can enjoy a good ambiance inside your home.

Technology, as some would say, can be used to make living a little better and easier. This kind of innovation for window treatments has been made to help you. If you have any questions with regard to window treatment offerings, just give us at Beltway Blinds a call, and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you.

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