Window Treatments in DC: Control the Sunrays

Washington DC is located in the humid subtropical climate zone, which is in the Mid-Atlantic area. No wonder why summers in the DC area can really be hot and sticky. Despite the threats of scorching heat, the season can also bring thunderstorms and yes, even hurricanes and occasional tornadoes.

According to this report on, even though the sunny season hasn’t officially started yet, the so-called ‘meteorological summer’ is already upon us. This means that we will all experience humid weather. The locals can then expect intermittent hot and rainy days to occur:

After a brutal winter, it’s finally here — summer. Well, meteorological summer. And it’s also the start of the Atlantic hurricane season.

Meteorological summer begins June 1st and continues through August 31st. September 1st starts meteorological autumn. Meteorological seasons are grouped in sets of three months and are done so for seasonal climate purposes.

Because of the sporadic nature of the DC climate during summers, homeowners are encouraged to start looking for window treatments in Washington DC such as blinds and shades, which are often used to provide privacy. However, these can also prevent the entry of heat and makes it easier for you to regulate room temperatures during hot days, thus increasing the energy efficiency of your home. Moreover, they can also provide protection to your furniture to prevent discoloration and they offer a way for you to control the amount of lighting in any room.

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(Article Excerpt from June 1st marks the start of meteorological summer &hurricane season,, June 1, 2014)

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